Tardis Wall Art – Doctor Who In London

This unique Doctor Who Tardis wall art features the Tardis on the banks of the Thames in modern day London. This is a view from the south bank of the Thames with Big Ben visible across the colorful reflecting water of the river. This is a warm and colorful take on the timeless blue police box made famous by our favorite time Lord, the Doctor. Police Boxes like this were not quite so uncommon when Doctor Who arrived on TV over 50 years ago. Today there are few of them remaining which has made the doctor’s choice of travel all the more quirky as the years have rolled by!

Tardis Wall Art - Framed Print by Artist Mark Tisdale
Tardis In The Falling Rain – Framed Print

Mark Tisdale, the artist behind this Tardis wall art is a Doctor Who fan himself. He first watched the original series in reruns on PBS in the 1980s. Hooked on the original series, Mark has come to love the current series just as much over the years. In a way, because the cast of the show has changed consistently over the years, the Tardis is the one unchanging part of the Doctor Who mythos. Although if you’re a long time fan, you know that even the Tardis has evolved a bit over the years! It’s basic form has been unaltered but there have been cosmetic changes and even hue changes in color. Mark has become known for his rainy night art and decided it was time to feature a personal favorite subject in his work, thus this colorful and unique Tardis wall art.

This Doctor Who print is available in multiple ready to hang wall art formats including traditional choices like framed wall art and large canvas prints as well as modern choices like thin profile metal prints. It may also be ordered in a range of sizes as a paper print ready for you to handle framing locally. If you have questions about any of the Tardis wall art options available from Mark’s site, feel free to ask here or send Mark a message directly on his site.

Hope you’ll pause to share your thoughts on Doctor Who in general or this whimsical piece of Doctor Who art in the comments below!

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