London Phone Booth Canvas Print

This colorful London Phone Booth Canvas print is sure to tick all the boxes if you love British decor. From the brilliant red of the London Phone booth to the deep blue night skies, this is very much a cheerful artwork. The actual phone booth on this corner of London near Parliament and “Big Ben” is supposedly one of the most photographed red telephone boxes in all of the UK. At all hours of the day, you’ll often encounter a line of tourists waiting to take their photo in a phone box with “Big Ben” looming larger than life beyond! Admit it in the comments if you’re one of them!

London Phone Booth Canvas Print - artwork by Mark Tisdale
London Under The Stars

The artist behind this London phone booth canvas print is Mark Tisdale. Mark is an American but very much an Anglophile and has visited London several times with plans to return again! Aren’t there always plans to go back to London if you’ve been even once? Mark has created a number of red telephone box pieces and never tires of the subject, one of his favorite. The brilliant red and the iconic style had won him over long before his first  trip to the UK. Mark is known for colorful and often fanciful artwork like this London Phone box under the stars.

If you’re interested in this London phone booth canvas print, you’ll be happy to know that a number of sizes are available from quite small to large prints. So you can have a small memento as a gift to a friend or you can get a giant statement piece for a British themed room or place of business. Own a British pub somewhere? We’d love to hear about it! The canvas print as shown here is a gallery wrapped canvas print with “mirrored sides” so that the image wraps around the entire canvas without distorting the original artwork on the front. You can also order canvas print as a museum wrap which is great for framing and choose black or white sides instead of mirrored wrap. Personally my favorite thing about gallery wrapped canvas prints like this is that they are ready to hang. They arrive with hanging hardware and you don’t end up putting them in a drawer or closet for years forgetting to take them to your local framer!

This London phone booth canvas print can be ordered as framed wall art, ready to frame prints, and more, of course, if you’d prefer another choice. If you have any questions about his art or print choices, you can ask here. Or feel free to send Mark a message directly from his site.

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