Union Jack Wall Art – Parliament Design

This brilliant Union Jack Wall Art features an illustration of the historic British Parliament emblazoned across it. There’s a real vintage texture to the rough and worn colors of the Union Jack flag in this artwork. The Parliament design across it adds a very British flair to it.

Union Jack Wall Art With Parliament Design
Union Jack Wall Art Featuring Parliament Design

There’s little doubt that the Palace of Westminster where Parliament meets in London is among the most recognizable buildings in Britain. The site is an ancient seat of power but most of the building we see today dates back to Victorian times. Following a fire, the Palace of Westminster was rebuilt in the Victorian Gothic Revival style. While the great clock tower that houses Big Ben may seem ancient, looks can be deceiving! The looming edifice now known as the Queen Elizabeth II Tower was built during the reign of her great, great grandmother. In Britain, their are many private residences older than that. But it hearkens back to the Medieval Gothic style which has become practically synonymous with Britain.  That’s an iconic combination that makes this Union Jack wall art a brilliant piece of British art.

This artwork makes a great gift for the Anglophile in your life. And, of course, if you are looking for a piece of signature art to show your fondness for all things British then this piece is a brilliant choice. This art features an unmistakable Union Jack combined with one of Britain’s signature architectural styles.

This brilliant Union jack wall art was designed by Mark Tisdale. Mark is an American artist who has a fondness for British culture, history, and architecture. This Union Jack wall art is available as a canvas print, framed wall art, modern metal print, and in other substrates and sizes. It’s part of an ongoing series of Union Jack designs created by Mark in celebration of British culture and places. You can see more of this series on his site.

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