Doc Martin’s Last Season

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that Doc Martin is coming to an end after its next season. This marks the end of what has been a hugely successful show for ITV, one with a fan base as large and loyal as any other show on television. People who have watched the show are drawn in by its fish-out-of-water premise: a doctor from London relocates to his childhood home in Cornwall, only to find it difficult to adjust. The humor comes from his attempts relating to others and building a life in Cornwall.

The show stars Martin Clunes as the eponymous doctor.

The show first aired in 2004, starring Martin Clunes as the eponymous doctor. In its very first year, it won a BAFTA award (Best TV Comedy Drama) and was nominated for two others. It’s also popular with audiences around the world, having been broadcast in over 150 countries.

The series follows Dr. Martin Ellingham’s attempts to manage his rurally based practice while dealing with personal issues both professional and romantic. The cast includes Caroline Catz as Louisa Glasson, Joe Absolom as Al Large and Ian McNeice as Bert Large, his father. Over the years, many other great actors have appeared in Doc Martin! The show has had some of the most interesting characters on TV in my opinion.

Doc Martin - Some Of The Brilliant Cast

Filming of the series is based in Port Isaac in Cornwall, England.

Filming of the series is based in Port Isaac in Cornwall, England. It takes place in a fictional Cornish village called Portwenn.

The show depicts a rural village of about 300 people and how the doctor’s arrival impacts their lives.

The show follows the lives of the locals in and around Port Wenn, from those who run local businesses, to those working on farms.

Clunes chooses to portray Martin as a man who can be abrupt

Clunes chooses to portray Martin as a man who can be abrupt and uninterested in pleasing others, including his patients. He has a very different approach to his patients than other doctors, but it’s one that works well for him, as long as he doesn’t have to deal with blood.

Martin is an extremely good doctor; there’s no doubt about that. However, he’s also a man who doesn’t like to socialize or make small talk with his patients. It’s one of the reasons why he’s not very good at making friends and maintaining relationships with people outside of work. He has a habit of being blunt in his opinions and can come across as rude.

It’s never clear whether his difficulties dealing with people are from his upbringing or if he’s on the Autism spectrum. Maybe it’s a bit of both?

The relationship between Martin and Louisa is central to the show..

The relationship between Martin and school teacher Louisa is central to the show. They are opposites in most every way except their love for each other and their son, James.

Louisa married Martin knowing he was not the typical life partner. She saw a side of him that others did not and fell in love with it. Their relationship has been rocky but ultimately they have always gotten back together in the end.

The final season will consist of eight episodes and will premiere on itv September 7th.

The new series will be comprised of eight episodes, each an hour long. The premiere date has been set for September 7th at 9pm on ITV.

As in past seasons, he storyline will be set in the fictional town of Portwenn, Cornwall. The showrunner has said that this is a “really emotional” season and will be a “fitting end” to the series.

The final season will air in the USA afterward.

The final season of “Doc Martin” will air on PBS, sometime in the fall apparently.

It will also Stream on Acorn TV. I suspect before it’s on PBS so keep your ears out for where to watch it first outside of the UK.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, as I know most of us are both excited and sad to see the end of a great series.

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