London Bus Canvas Print

This striking London bus canvas print is dominated by a classic red Routemaster bus. Although the Routemasters haven’t been built since the 1960s, they are still the epitome in the minds of many of what a London bus is. If you looked up London bus in the dictionary, this is what you’d expect to see, isn’t it? In fact, these buses are so loved that the last I knew there was still a heritage bus route that uses these vintage buses. It’s a beautiful sight to look down a London street and see one of these classic still rumbling towards you. It must surely be a work of love to keep them in working order in a garage in London somewhere.

London Bus Canvas Print by Artist Mark Tisdale
On A Bus For London

The backdrop in this London bus canvas print is a collection of London street signs that will surely be familiar to anyone who has visited London or called that grand city home. The signs give this London bus artwork an additional sense of place. There’s little question this is a canvas print that celebrates London in classic British fashion.

The artist behind this London bus canvas print is Mark Tisdale. Mark is an American who has visited London on several occasions. Once is never enough is it? Those trips have been the inspiration for a number of British themed prints including ones like this that celebrate London, its icons, and landmarks.

If you’re shopping for a London bus canvas print, you’ll discover that this print is available in a number of sizes. So if you’re looking for a small print as a gift for a friend, you’re covered. Equally, you can purchase a large piece of wall art for your home or place of business. This canvas print as shown here in a gallery wrap format with “mirrored sides” so that the image wraps around the entire canvas without reducing the original artwork on the front. You’ll find several options for canvas wraps including ones suitable for framing. They call come ready to hang with mounting hardware. What I love about canvas prints is that they don’t require a trip to your local framer – ready to hang art is hard to beat!

This Routemaster bus artwork can also be ordered as ready to frame prints,metal prints, traditionally framed wall art and more depending on your preference. If you have any questions about this art or print choices, you may ask right here. Or feel free to send Mark a message directly from his site.

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