Red Telephone Box Throw Pillow

This red telephone box throw pillow brings a classic sense of British design. Even though those old red telephone boxes are no longer needed, they are so loved that many of them are designated historical structures in their own right. While phone booths have vanished throughout much of the world in an age of mobile phones, in Britain, you still find red telephone boxes on city streets and country lanes. This red telephone box throw pillow has a brilliant pop of red against a graphic black and white backdrop – a very sophisticated look!

Red Telephone Box Throw Pillow - Classic British Design

Although these red telephone boxes are still ubiquitous across Britain, this one is from the streets of London itself. This location is the Thames embankment. The wall of the embankment there certainly creates a great pattern for the background doesn’t it?

These old phone booths are staples of British decor these days. Visit a British pub anywhere in the world and they may even have a full size telephone box in or near their pub. Because it’s such a classic in British decor, it’s hard to imagine a British themed room without at least one red telephone box somewhere! Maybe you’ve run out of room for wall art and other accessories. If so, a red telephone box throw pillow could be the perfect addition. Not only is it pretty, it serves a function whether on a sofa, chair, or your bed. I have to admit I have one of these myself and it lives in my bedroom.

This red telephone box throw pillow is available in multiple sizes and in cotton or polyester fabrics. It was designed by Mark Tisdale who has a strong affection for red telephone boxes and British style. Mark welcomes your questions regarding his artwork or any requests you may have.

Are you ready to curl up with your own red telephone box throw pillow?

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