Red Telephone Box Coffee Mug

I love how this particular red telephone box coffee mug focuses on one part of the overall design of the classic phone box. Most of the mugs I’ve sen include the entire phone box which can be cool, too, no doubt! But it means you’re just looking at the overall boxy shape as it’s a small design for a coffee mug. This fun red coffee mug by contrast focuses just on the large telephone sign that hangs across those classic British phone booths. It includes the broad sweep of the rounded top of the box and the golden crown that stands at the center. The result is a very classic looking coffee mug that anyone who loves Britain will instantly recognize but may be a little more subtle for those who don’t binge watch British Television! Ha!

Red Telephone Box Coffee Mug
British Phone Box Mug

Just like the actual antique originals, this red telephone box coffee mug is a bright burst of red that’s both cheerful and eye-catching. This isn’t a coffee mug that will get lost easily! It will fit in well whether you just want one for your desk at work or if you’re looking to include it in a room with more British decor items. This classic mug is an 11 ounce sized mug but can be ordered larger and in additional styles to the one shown. The default coffee mug is of strong ceramic construction and is microwave and dishwasher safe. So not only is it beautiful, it’s a sturdy mug as well.

This red telephone box coffee mug is based on a design by Mark Tisdale. Mark has an abiding love for British culture in general and has a strong fondness for these classic red phone booths.

Of course, what’s not to love about the classic British phone booth? Most other phone booths have utterly vanished from the landscape elsewhere. And while there aren’t as many red telephone boxes as there were in their heyday, there are many in Britain that have achieved landmark status. This fun coffee mug is a great way to celebrate these classic phone booths. It would make a great British themed gift for a friend who loves British culture – that is if you can part with it!

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