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There’s just something very textural about this beautiful vintage union jack throw blanket. There’s such a patina to the design that it feels like something from grandma’s attic more than anything else. Usually union jack designs are by their nature very brightly colored, but the rough and worn quality of this vintage union jack throw blanket gives it such a soft and sweet feeling. It really does look like something I would wrap around myself or toss over the back of a comfy chair.

I love it when style and form combine. This vintage union jack throw blanket is a piece of functional decor. It can be decorative on the back of the sofa or you can wrap yourself up in it on a cool winter night while you read a little bit of Dickens maybe? The soft vintage style would be at home in many types of home decor making it great whether your whole room is designed around British style or you’re just looking for one piece to show off your love for British culture. I think it would also make a super gift for someone who loves Britain.

This vintage union jack throw blanket is made of 75% cotton with 25% polyester which combines to provide a nice soft feel. It measures 54 inches long by 38 inches wide. It includes a nice fringe down the sides of the blanket.

This blanket was designed by by Olga Hutsul of Urban Designs. Olga is an artist who lives in Canada and loves to create art and designs with a unique style. She thinks one of the great things about the time we live in is that people are now searching for work that is not mass produced and the work she produces aims to fill that void. I don’t know about you, but I love Olga’s design aesthetic as seen in this beautiful vintage union jack throw blanket of hers.

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