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This red telephone box iPhone X case is a classic design. And it’s one that is perfectly suited to displaying on your latest iPhone! After all, in a world before mobile phones, these red telephone boxes were how the Brits stayed in touch with one another. In the 20th century these grew almost literally like weeds on the streets and lanes of Great Britain. If you didn’t have a phone at home or you were out, there was always a red phone box around the corner somewhere to place a call.

Now that the world has moved forward, the red telephone box has become iconic but at the same time fairly obsolete. They are likely used more for tourist photos and selfies than anything else these days. But now you can carry a classic red telephone box around in your pocket in a manner of speaking!

This red telephone box iPhone X case is a bright pop of red. Not only is that true-to-life of the original red telephone box, it means your iPhone will be hard to miss in this case. Not only won’t you have a hard time finding it, it will stand out to show others what your interests are. Perhaps this iPhone case will be a conversation starter when another Anglophile spots you out and about with it?

This red telephone box iPhone X case is available in matte and glossy finishes. You may also choose an iPhone 8/7 or iPhone 8/7 plus case in this same design. This case was designed by Mark Tisdale who has a strong affection for red telephone boxes and British style. Mark welcomes your questions regarding his artwork or any requests you may have.

So, are you ready to ring someone up while your iPhone X is nestled inside this slick British themed case?


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