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This red phone booth throw pillow has a really fun patterned design that immediately caught my eye. It’s subtle and at the same time a playful British design. This patterned pillow is available with or without text on it. The default text is London across the center phone booth, but you can customize it to be the name of a friend if giving it as a gift or pick another British city. I love that the design can be personalized but if it were me, I’d honestly choose it without the text which can be chosen by simply deleting the text when purchasing your red phone booth throw pillow.

How about you? Do you love this design unadorned or does the addition of personal text make it perfect for you? I’m always curious if my taste mirrors others or not!

Either way, I love this pattern and it’s one I can easily see in any light and bright room whether the theme is centered around British decor or not. This British pattern isn’t as strong as say a Union Jack design would be. One screams Britannia while the other softly whispers it. Yet even though this red phone booth throw pillow is a quiet design, it’s a charming one at the same time. Just perfect!

This red phone booth throw pillow is available in multiple sizes and in your choice of polyester or cotton. It was designed by Olga Hutsul of Urban Designs. She is an artist from Ontario who loves creating art and designs that are not mass produced. Olga feels that because her work is more unique it is more meaningful. And I can certainly see this ethos in her beautiful red phone booth throw pillow design.

Are you ready to drop this pillow on your favorite sofa? Or maybe it’s a design you’d like to put on your favorite window seat?


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