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This London coffee mug caught my eye the moment I saw it. It’s a really fun but instantly recognizable British pattern. You really should look at this one in detail because this pattern goes beyond the prominent choices that you may notice on first glance like Tower Bridge and Big Ben. It’s a fun pattern that has the red white and blue colors of the Union Jack while consisting of a fun collection of items that speaks to the quaint and endearing character of old London. It’s almost a Where’s Waldo pattern, don’t you think?

This London Coffee mug comes in multiple styles and sizes. Shown here is the classic coffee mug style which is available in 11 oz and 15 oz sizes. The mug is made of durable ceramic, is food safe as well as dishwasher and microwave safe. So a beautiful and practical design. It’s pretty enough to keep as a London souvenir but it’s an equally practical choice that you can actually use as your have your morning coffee or perhaps a cup of tea as the British do.

Kikiway, the Belgian artist behind the cool design on this London Coffee Mug describes it as British Chic, which seems apt! They describe their shop as a family project whose aim is to spread joy and beauty. I hope you’ll agree this is a fun London design that ticks all the boxes whether you dream of visiting London or have been dozens of times. For me, this fun design would fall squarely in the category of something I would get for myself or love a fun British gift or London souvenir.

This London British Chic pattern is available on several other products in Kikiway’s shop. So if you love the design but don’t need a coffee mug right now, fear not!

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