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This British phone booth iPhone case was especially designed for folks who love all things British. This case as shown is designed for the iPhone XR, but other style iPhones can be selected from the customization screens at Zazzle.

This cool iPhone case features a vibrant red British phone booth or phone box depending on which side of the Atlantic you call home! Although these old phone booths are becoming a thing of the past day by day, they are still a classic piece of British design that remains popular with many of us out here!

This particular British phone booth iPhone case is a bit different than the usual fare. There are many designs out there which simply shows the bright red front door of a phone box. And there’s nothing at all wrong with those cases! You’ll find ones just like it featured on this site as well. But sometimes it’s awesome to have something a bit more unique, and this iPhone XR case fits the bill. This case uses original artwork that depicts a warmly lit British phone booth on the streets of London at night. Look at the vibrant red and the golden interior of the phone booth. There’s a beautiful depth to this particular case. You might not want to consign it to the dark depths of your pocket at all! This is a cheerful iPhone case to keep out and show your friends. This iPhone XR case is not only classic, it’s classy!

If you’re a fan of British phone booths, you may want to explore more of these classic red telephone box designs while you’re visiting British vibe.

This British phone booth iphone case for the iPhone XR was designed by Mark Tisdale who has an abiding love for British architecture, design, and culture. Mark has designed other British themed iPhone cases which may interest you. If you see a design that’s not on the phone model of your choice, you can send a message here with details of the phone model and design you’re interested in.

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