Miscellaneous British products are a hand-picked collection of British themed items. This site is a work of love by someone who loves British culture and all things Anglophile.

As British Vibe is a work in progress, you’ll find some great British products here that don’t yet have a separate product catalog of their own. But I think if you love all things British, you’ll agree that this is a fun collection whether you’re looking for something yourself  or need a British themed gift for someone special!

If you’re looking for a similar product to the ones seen here, please feel free to drop a note with your suggestions and requests. I love hearing from other Anglophiles and am always happy for suggestions!

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  • British Phone Booth iPhone Case Designed for iPhone XR

    British Phone Booth iPhone Case for iPhone XR

    This British phone booth iPhone case was especially designed for folks who love all things British. This case as shown is designed for the iPhone XR, but other style iPhones can be selected from the customization screens at Zazzle. This … Read More
  • Red Telephone Box iPhone X Case - Classic British Design

    Red Telephone Box iPhone X Case

    This red telephone box iPhone X case is a classic design. And it’s one that is perfectly suited to displaying on your latest iPhone! After all, in a world before mobile phones, these red telephone boxes were how the Brits … Read More
  • Red Telephone Box Coffee Mug

    Red Telephone Box Coffee Mug

    I love how this particular red telephone box coffee mug focuses on one part of the overall design of the classic phone box. Most of the mugs I’ve sen include the entire phone box which can be cool, too, no … Read More
  • London Coffee Mug - British Chic Pattern

    London Coffee Mug – British Chic Pattern

    This London coffee mug caught my eye the moment I saw it. It’s a really fun but instantly recognizable British pattern. You really should look at this one in detail because this pattern goes beyond the prominent choices that you … Read More