This is a hand picked collection of British home decor for your decorating needs. Take a quick look through these British home accessories for the home and see what inspiration you can find for the plans you have in your home. Are you planning a whole room or maybe just a cozy nook for yourself?

There will be more added to the British home decor category so if this is a subject near and dear to your Anglophile heart, be sure to save this link so you can see what new British themed accessories and furniture show up here in the future!

Looking for the perfect British throw pillow or maybe some awesome wall art?  You’ll find that and more here. And if there’s a particular category of home decor and furnishings you don’t see here, please feel free to drop a note. Always happy for suggestions to make this site better for other fans of British themed products.

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  • Red Phone Booth Throw Pillow - Fun Pattern Design

    Red Phone Booth Throw Pillow – Fun British Pattern

    This red phone booth throw pillow has a really fun patterned design that immediately caught my eye. It’s subtle and at the same time a playful British design. This patterned pillow is available with or without text on it. The … Read More
  • Red Telephone Box Throw Pillow - Classic British Design

    Red Telephone Box Throw Pillow

    This red telephone box throw pillow brings a classic sense of British design. Even though those old red telephone boxes are no longer needed, they are so loved that many of them are designated historical structures in their own right. … Read More
  • Union Jack Wall Art With Parliament Design

    Union Jack Wall Art – Parliament Design

    This brilliant Union Jack Wall Art features an illustration of the historic British Parliament emblazoned across it. There’s a real vintage texture to the rough and worn colors of the Union Jack flag in this artwork. The Parliament design across … Read More
  • London Phone Booth Canvas Print - artwork by Mark Tisdale

    London Phone Booth Canvas Print

    This colorful London Phone Booth Canvas print is sure to tick all the boxes if you love British decor. From the brilliant red of the London Phone booth to the deep blue night skies, this is very much a cheerful … Read More
  • Vintage Union Jack Throw Blanket On Sofa

    Vintage Union Jack Throw Blanket

    There’s just something very textural about this beautiful vintage union jack throw blanket. There’s such a patina to the design that it feels like something from grandma’s attic more than anything else. Usually union jack designs are by their nature … Read More
  • Union Jack Fleece Throw Blanket

    Union Jack Fleece Throw Blanket

    This bold Union Jack Fleece throw blanket is a warm and fuzzy way to celebrate your love of all things British! Whether you want to throw it over a sofa or wrap up on a cold night, this fleece blanket … Read More
  • Tardis Wall Art - Framed Print by Artist Mark Tisdale

    Tardis Wall Art – Doctor Who In London

    This unique Doctor Who Tardis wall art features the Tardis on the banks of the Thames in modern day London. This is a view from the south bank of the Thames with Big Ben visible across the colorful reflecting water … Read More
  • Red Telephone Booth Cabinet - For Your Home

    Red Telephone Booth Cabinet – Large Curio Cabinet

    This large red telephone booth cabinet is one of those items that makes me dearly wish for a larger home! The only thing better than having a large curio cabinet with a British theme like this would be having the … Read More
  • London Bus Canvas Print by Artist Mark Tisdale

    London Bus Canvas Print

    This striking London bus canvas print is dominated by a classic red Routemaster bus. Although the Routemasters haven’t been built since the 1960s, they are still the epitome in the minds of many of what a London bus is. If … Read More